Protecting our Rivers

About Us

Who we are. 
KRITFWC is a non-profit organization established to address fisheries and related natural resource issues affecting tribal treaty rights.  Committed to protecting these treaty rights, members of the four Indian tribes who live throughout the Klamath River Basin formed KRITFWC in 1995.  Today, the organization holds federal non-profit 501(c)3 status and is incorporated under the laws of the Hoopa Valley Tribe.
Where we are.
The Klamath River Basin encompasses over 10 million acres of southern Oregon and northern California. The region includes approximately 96,000 acres of tribal trust lands, 4 million acres of private lands, and 6 million acres of public lands. The Klamath River originates in southern Oregon and flows 263 miles through southern Oregon and northern California bisecting the Cascade and Coastal mountain ranges before entering the Pacific Ocean. The Tribes located within the Klamath River ecosystem, have been supported by natural resources since time immemorial.
KRITFWC was established by four tribes; the Klamath Tribes of Oregon, the Karuk Tribe of California, the Hoopa Valley Tribe, and the Yurok Tribe.